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The House of Vlaho Bukovac

The birth house of Vlaho Bukovac in Cavtat was declared a cultural monument in 1969. The monumental characteristics of this great house are not only its architecture, gardens and location in the urban core of Cavtat, but primarily the heritage of the name of the great painter Vlaho Bukovac, his artistic legacy and the heritage of the Bukovac family. By its location and spatial organization, the typical stone birth house of Vlaho Bukovac among the structures of Cavtat is from the end of the 18th century and the 19th century. The interior has for the most part retained its original characteristics from the early 19th century, though a portion of the interior and furniture comes from the time that Bukovac adapted the home in the early 20th century. Of particular note are the internal wall paintings and the glass doors to the staircase, created by Bukovac himself. 


The Rector's Palace

An interesting monument of Renaissance architecture from the time of the Dubrovnik Republic. Today, the Rector's Palace is home to the library and archives of Cavtat born Baltazar Bogosic, doctor of philosophy and law, who was a member of many European academies. The Baltazar Bogosic collection was established in 1909-1912, and has been part of the Croatian Academy of Science and the Arts since 1955. The Palace is also home to the Cavtat Museum, where Bogisic's ethnography and coin collections are on display, as is his collection of weapons. Before the Rector's Palace is a collection of archaeological artefacts from the Greek and Roman periods. 


Sightseeing Cavtat


The Church of St. Nicholas

The Cavtat parish church from the 15th century is situated next to the Rector's Palace. The church interior is Baroque and is filled with the work of well known painters. The parish church is also home to a painting vault, founded in 1952, thanks to Academic Cvita Fiskovic and many others. Among the numerous valuable works of art are icons bearing images of St. Nicholas from the 15th century, the alabaster relief from the 15th century, St. Sebastian by the Baroque master of the Bologna school Benedetto Genarri, works by Sicilian painter Carmelo Reggi and works by the great Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac. 


The Church of Our Lady of Snow

This single nave church is from the 15th century, to which the Franciscan monastery with its late Gothic cloisters was added. On display in the monastery dining room are valuable paintings by the Peljesac painter, Franciscan monk Celestin Medovic, while Bukovac's painting Our Lady of Cavtat, 10 metres long and 3 metres high, depicting Cavtat harbour, dominates in the church.

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